TEAMwork Leadership Institute


Benefits of TEAMwork Leadership Institute (TLI) include the development of cohesion among staff, enhanced skills for coaches working with diverse athletes, and the development of a strategic plan for dealing with issues when they occur. Ultimately, TLI promotes unity and leadership, highlights opportunities to respect and celebrate diversity, and accelerates staff and player unification within an organization.  The TLI program has facilitated over 500 diversity education and training workshops since 1997. TLI also provides a “crisis intervention” service that provides individual or small group sensitivity training within an organization.  This service is directed at specific issues relative to the immediate need for sensitivity, awareness and/or education. We have provided workshops or intervention services for numerous universities and sports organizations across the nation and abroad.

Organizations Receiving the TEAMwork Leadership Institute Services

Sports Organizations:

  • NBA League Offices
  • Major League Soccer
  • National Soccer Coaches Association of America
  • NCAA member institutions (over 140)
  • NASCAR Employees and Senior Leadership
  • Orlando Magic Employees and Senior Leadership
  • Sacramento Kings Employees
  • Minnesota Timberwolves Employees
  • Elite Sports Personalities, Paris, France (sponsored by the US State Department)
  • AAU Leadership Conference
  • Minor League Baseball Office
  • Orlando City Soccer Club (Players)
  • ESPN Employees

Non-Sport Organizations:

  • US Navy
  • Food Systems Inc.
  • University of Central Florida Executive MBA




Teamwork Leadership Institute

Program Overview

The training program, which incorporates a significant amount of sports-related material, includes a variety of exercises and discussion points. Facilitators lead awareness exercises that focus on self-identity and how we develop stereotypes that interfere with effective teamwork, and look at ways an organization, team or staff can provide better understanding on campus and/or workplace environments.

The workshops are interactive learning experiences that involve sports-related videos to stimulate discussion and interactive exercises prompting workshop participants to engage and address various diversity topics. Case studies and role plays are sometimes used to provide real-life scenarios.

Each workshop is slightly different, depending on the needs of the organization. Some of the needs are discovered through interviews with department heads and some through a confidential TLI survey, which is distributed prior to the actual workshop. The surveys are analyzed by TLI staff, and that information is incorporated into the training curriculum.

The final step of the training is the most important: workshop leaders create an “action plan” to implement programs that celebrate racial diversity on teams, staffs and departments.

Program Principles
  • Senior Administrators and employees can anticipate, recognize and address problems inherent in diverse teams and staff.
  • Diversity training is a principle means of assessing and responding to needs within a department or on a campus and/or workplace environment.
  • Training provides opportunities for diverse people to discover what they have in common.
  • Instead of being divisive, differences in race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and gender can serve as building blocks to strengthen the department, staff, unit or organization.

Select A Training

Standard Training/Workshop Session
  • Pre-assessment
  • Focus group interviews
  • Customized agenda (developed from assessment and focus group interviews)
  • Workshop session (2-6 hours)
  • Summary report
College Plan (4-year series)
  • Freshman Year - focus on leadership style and development
  • Sophomore Year - focus on gender violence prevention
  • Junior Year - focus on diversity and inclusion issues
  • Senior Year - focus on athletic transition and careers in athletics
Administrators & Coaches Plan (3-year series)
  • 1st Year - focus on athletic transition skills
  • 2nd Year - focus on workplace and group/team dynamics
  • 3rd Year - focus on transformational leadership
Personal Sensitivity Training
  • Individual or small group (2-9 people) sessions
  • Addresses sensitive issues and damaging media coverage
  • A list of topics to choose from and/or customize topics
Training Plus (additional cost)

Enhance your training/workshop experience with "Training Plus"

  • Post-workshop assessment: action steps, recommendations, analytical report, strategic planning assistance, diversity and inclusion council
  • Group Dynamics & Effective Team Communications
  • Inclusive Hiring Practices

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