Often times in my posts about human trafficking I stress that it takes place in the US and is not only an international problem. The month of July proved to be a very active month domestically in the fight against human trafficking.

In July alone, 74 people were charged in the United States with human trafficking offenses.   Twenty children under the age of 18 and 78 over 18 were rescued There were 14 new laws passed to fight trafficking and there were 85 community initiatives to raise awareness about trafficking.

Internationally, the fight against human trafficking shows increasing numbers monthly but the statistics are not much greater than those in the US. In July, 163 people were charged internationally, 46 children under the age of 18 and 70 over the age of 18 were rescued, and there were 25 community initiatives to raise awareness. The comparable numbers between the US and all international communities combined show that the US is taking a real stand against human trafficking. While it is sad that the rest of the world isn’t making the progress that the US has, I am thankful that we are doing great things here. As always, more can be done through awareness and encouragement of those who are doing the fighting.

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  1. Would be more than appreciative to receive information about activities you are doing in relation to human trafficking. I come from Kenya and you can be sure the problem is very serious in Africa due to poverty among other factors

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