Remembering "Joe"

Dr. Joseph N. Crowley, known simply as “Joe” in the NCAS family, has passed away after 84 years of an incredible life. Joe’s quiet presence, warm smile, and humorous spirit was always felt by all in the room. Whenever the NCAS family gathered, Joe was a center of attention and he purposely spent individual time, checking in and catching up, with each NCAS family member.

Joe’s legacy with the NCAS will never die. His impact on the NCAS began in 1991 and his influence has helped lay the foundation for the NCAS’ transition to the Institute for Sport and Social Justice. Joe was instrumental in establishing the NCAS Western Regional Office on the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) campus in 1991-92. For the past 25 years, Joe has served as a NCAS Executive Board Member, serving the last three years as the Board Chair. Joe served as the 13th UNR president for a record-setting 23 years, from 1978 to 2001, marking the longest single tenure of any Nevada chief executive. He served as interim president of San Jose State University (2003-04) and UNR from December 2005 to June 2006. Among numerous other positions, assignments, and board memberships, Joe also served as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) president from 1993-95.

There are many things that Joe will be remembered for at the NCAS; his leadership in the state of Nevada, his love for sports, especially the Wolf Pack and the San Francisco Giants, his sense of humor directed at everyone, and his high level of commitment to excellence. Among the many things about Joe that everyone at the NCAS will collectively miss was his love for poetry and his willingness to use the NCAS family as his laboratory to recite his poetry. With grace and dignity, he would readily stand and recite one of his most recent poetic pieces and gladly welcome any and all feedback. In recent years, our board meetings always ended with Joe reciting a poem.

Joe’s pride and “Joy” was the love of his family and their accomplishments. We want to thank his wife, Joy, his four children, and seven grandchildren for sharing this incredible man with us. We will never forget the influence and impact that Joe had on our lives.

"Tomorrow is not promised, its only hoped for, therefore today, this moment, is the most important time we can share." – Keith Lee (inspired by Joe Crowley)

Our Current Board of Directors

Dan Guerrero

Athletic Director, University of California, Los Angeles

Tanya Hughes

USA Olympian

Dr. Paul Jarley

Dean, College of Business Administration, University of Central Florida

Keith L. Lee

ISSJ Vice President and COO, University of Central Florida

Chris Monasch

Former Director of Athletics St. John's University/Commissioner America East Conference and Northeast Conference

Dr. Richard E. Lapchick

Chair and Director, DeVos Sport Business Management Program, University of Central Florida

Dr. Tony Waldrop

President, University of South Alabama

Allyce Najimy

CEO, The Foundation To Be Named Later (the family foundation of Theo Epstein, Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations and Paul Epstein, MSW)

Delise O'Meally

ISSJ Executive Director, University of Central Florida

Paul Kaplan

Attorney, Lexington, KY

Katrice Albert

Executive Vice President of Culture, Innovation and Inclusion, S2A

Ted Haddock

Executive Director, Edward E. Haddock Jr. Family Foundation

Ashley Turner

Director, External Affairs, University of Central Florida, DeVos Sports Business Management Graduate Program

John Skipper

Executive Chairman, DAZN Group

Kenneth Dixon

President, Leeland Enterprises, Inc.