“Invisible Women in Sport" (IWIS) was originally a panel discussion developed to participate in the University of Central Florida's 2016 Diversity Week.   IWIS discussion celebrated the accomplishments of women of color in sports, challenged the status quo that places women of color at a disadvantage in advancing in the sports industry, and generated a discussion of academic and career pathways to encourage and improve opportunities for women of color in sports.

IWIS was so successful, that we decided to create a podcast with the same title and focus, but with the effort to highlight and celebrate more women of color throughout the year.

IWIS podcast will air April-May 2018.

Friday, October 21, 2016 marked the creation of IWIS.  Headlining:


Brandi Stuart

Senior Associate AD, Student-Athlete Welfare & Development, SWA - University of Central Florida



Jeanette Bolden

Head Coach, Track and Field - University of Central Florida




Vicky Chun

Vice President and Director of Athletics - Colgate University

BEN BREWER/Grinnell College

Nnenna Akotaobi

Associate Athletics Director, SWA, Deputy Title IX Coordinator - Swarthmore College


  • Attended by 100+ individuals
  • 116 views on Facebook Live
  • 259 views on Facebook (archive)
  • 64 views on YouTube
  • Over 3,100 impressions on Twitter
  • Established #invisiblewomeninsport
  • Numerous request for another panel discussion

IWIS Video - Part 1 IWIS Video - Part 2 IWIS Video - Part 2

The ISSJ is seeking sponsorships in order to host a series of discussions, symposiums, conferences, and webinars focusing on best practices, advocates, networks, and systems to improve opportunities for women of color in sports. (STAY TUNED)