Brandi Stuart

Senior Associate AD, Student-Athlete Welfare & Development, SWA - University of Central Florida



Jeanette Bolden

Head Coach, Track and Field - University of Central Florida




Vicky Chun

Vice President and Director of Athletics - Colgate University

BEN BREWER/Grinnell College

Nnenna Akotaobi

Associate Athletics Director, SWA, Deputy Title IX Coordinator - Swarthmore College

Friday, October 21, 2016 - “Invisible Women in Sport" -- a panel discussion celebrating the accomplishments of women of color in sports, challenging the current status quo that places women of color at a disadvantage in advancing in the sports industry, and generating a discussion of academic and career pathways to encourage and improve opportunities for women of color in sports.


  • Attended by 100+ individuals
  • 116 views on Facebook Live
  • 259 views on Facebook (archive)
  • 64 views on YouTube
  • Over 3,100 impressions on Twitter
  • Established #invisiblewomeninsport

IWIS Video - Part 1 IWIS Video - Part 2 IWIS Video - Part 2

The Institute SSJ will use this panel discussion to introduce a series of discussions, symposiums, conferences, and webinars focusing on best practices, advocates, networks, and systems to improve opportunities for women of color in sports. (STAY TUNED)