Jacquelyn Pannell Zinck

Jacquelyn Pannell Zinck

Senior Trainer, Huddle Up

Jacquelyn was recruited to the Institute in 2007 while interning at the Center for the Study of Sport in Society in Boston, MA. For nearly two decades, she has served the Institute from directing the Giant Steps Awards Banquet to training trainers. Outside of the institute, Jacquelyn has fortified her commitment to advancing justice in the public, private and Christian sectors.

She has received several commendations for her service which ranges from hosting two First Ladies, supporting a film on Netflix, advising some of our nation’s leading theologians, facilitating congressional conversations on race, advising professional athletes and laboring alongside many others whose roles and work often go undervalued and unseen.

From her earliest memories, this work has always been a part of who she is and the legacy she will leave. To work for justice as and with the exiles.

Kathy Behrens, Hall of Fame Inductee

No matter what sport you play, watch or love, one thing is for sure, sports can change the world.