Giant Steps Awards are national awards that recognize individual student-athletes, professional athletes, civic leaders, coaches, organizations, barrier breakers, and other individuals who use the power and appeal of sport to positively effect social change and help others succeed.

Please feel free to nominate any person or organization whom you feel has contributed to sport as it relates to our society.

Giant Steps Award nominations are accepted in the categories below.  A combination of the following criteria are used:

Courageous Student-Athletes (Male and Female)

  • Must have overcome obstacles which challenged reaching one’s goals toward success
  • Using their experience to spread awareness and help others in the community
  • Either dramatic improvement or sustained excellence in one’s academic endeavors even while overcoming obstacles
  • Outstanding achievement in athletics
  • Significant involvement in outreach and community service projects

Barrier Breaker

  • Creation of an environment that encourages social change through sport for future generations and promote individuals to strive toward excellence in sport
  • Personal achievement which has led to change in society through sport

Civic Leaders (Non-Student Athlete)

  • Use of one’s personal background in athletics as a foundation for community outreach to youth
  • Significant efforts to give youth the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of athletics participation and success for the future
  • Using sport to raise awareness of and help to solve gender bias, racial discrimination and other problems of our society


  • Have shown a commitment to the personal and professional development of their team
  • Ensuring that their student-athletes graduate and become productive members of society
  • Live by example for those goals set for the team

Heroes Among Us

  • An inspiration to others through their personal accomplishments as an athlete of leader in sport
  • Someone who has encouraged others to take action from their personal triumphs in life while facing challenges