Planning an Event on Your Campus

There are many ways to plan an event for National STUDENT-Athlete Day on your campus or get involved in your community. Although April 6th is the official day of National STUDENT-Athlete Day, remember you can have your celebration anytime during the month or in conjunction with an event already in place such as an end of the year awards assembly.

Event Ideas:

Game-Day Celebration

A game-day celebration not only builds camaraderie among your student-athletes by bringing them together in a positive setting, but it also informs your fans about your student-athletes’ successes on and off the field and in the community.


  • Choose a Game Day and invite those student-athletes who are being honored for National STUDENT-Athlete Day to take part in a half-time ceremony.
  • Announce the meaning of National STUDENT-Athlete Day and the criteria for recognition.
  • Honorees should be announced by name and have a few of their accomplishments mentioned.  Student-athletes should be encouraged to wear their team shirt to receive their National STUDENT-Athlete Day award certificate (available upon request at no charge from the NCAS).
  • Award certificates can be presented to student-athletes by your athletic director, a local sports hero, a sportscaster, or coach.
Student-Athlete Awards Luncheon

Bring all of your outstanding student-athletes together for a lunch celebrating their achievements. Here are some ideas on how to make this a successful event.


  • Choose one student-athlete from each of your school’s athletic teams who meet the criteria of National STUDENT-Athlete Day to be honored at the luncheon.
  • Offer each of those student-athletes an opportunity to invite a teacher, counselor, coach, administrator, parents/family members, and/or community members who has been a positive mentor in their life to also be honored. This will give them a great opportunity to honor those who really support student-athletes and enable them to succeed.
  • Make sure key school, community, and sports personnel are invited to also participate in the celebration.
  • Present each student with a National STUDENT-Athlete Day award certificate (available upon request at no charge from the NCAS).
  • When each student-athlete accepts their award certificate, allow them to talk briefly about their mentor.
  • Contact a local restaurant/caterer for support of this program. Many will donate food in exchange for their logo appearing in the luncheon program book or on a small table tent during the event. Many may also want to get involved by helping to present the award certificates.
Sports Clinic

Since National STUDENT-Athlete Day honorees are individuals who excel on the field, in the classroom and in the community, celebrating the day with outreach can be fun for all involved.


  • Invite local elementary or middle school students for an afternoon sports clinic.
  • Have student-athlete representatives from your teams set up in different areas of your gym or outdoor fields.
  • Participants can choose the sport they want to learn about or they can rotate from team to team.
  • Each clinic can last for 30 to 45 minutes and can be followed by a short presentation of award certificates (available upon request at no charge from the NCAS) to your student-athletes and the students who attend, as well as a motivational speech about making positive decisions.
Proclamation from Your City’s Mayor or State’s Governor

Contact your local city mayor or state governor and ask that they proclaim April 6th as National STUDENT-Athlete Day. You can also ask them to participate in your program, or send a letter on behalf of their office, praising the hard work and dedication of your outstanding student-athletes.

Sample request letter:

On behalf of myself and (name of school), this letter is to formally request that (name of governor) proclaim April 6, 20XX as National STUDENT-Athlete Day.

Established in 1987, National STUDENT-Athlete Day is designed to recognize those student-athletes who have excelled in the classroom, on the field, and in the community. It is also the time when we honor those who have helped in their efforts to succeed. Student-athletes who are honored must have excelled in academics (3.0 GPA or better), while having been involved in outreach and community service.

National STUDENT-Athlete Day is a program of the National Consortium for Academics and Sports (NCAS) and is co-sponsored by The NCAA and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).

The day’s message to our state is clear: the future of our student-athletes depends on their education both in the classroom and on the field. The events celebrating National STUDENT-Athlete Day, supported by your proclamation, will go far in recognizing the achievements of student-athletes.

_________________(Title and Institution)

Mailing date: No later than February 28.

Enclosures: It is easier for your governor’s office to work from a sample proclamation.

"Signing” Event: The best part of requesting a proclamation signed by your governor is that many state houses will allow you to attend the signing so that you can have pictures taken of your student-athletes with the governor.