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Faith Wade


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Godby, a senior on the Kentucky Wildcats football team has participated in numerous community outreach events through Community Cats and the UK Christian Student Fellowship program.  Godby regularly has participated in VA hospital visits, “Bucks for BackPacks,” visiting at the Cardinal Hill rehabilitation clinic, and helping with Special Olympics Basketball practice.  Annually, Godby participates in “Walk-A-Child to school day;” where UK student-athletes meet students at the school bus stop and walk with them to school.  “Walk-A-Child” day helps students in the community connect with UK student-athletes, as well as, minimize the threat for bullying.Academically, Godby has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a 3.267 grade point average. He is currently a graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Sports Leadership.  Godby was a three-year member of the SEC Academic Honor Roll and was named to the UK Athletics Society of Character. Wade, a student in the CKA SAVE Project, is the first high school student-athlete to be awarded the NCAS PlayMaker of the Month.  Wade is a junior at John F. Kennedy High School in Silver Spring, Maryland.  As a track and field runner, Wade is maintaining a 3.0 grade point average.  She donates her time to peer mentoring on the importance of time management, organizational skills, and self-advocacy skills.  Wade assists students in learning how to improve communications with teachers.  This past fall, Wade presented at the Maryland Council for Social Studies annual conference on the topic of improving student motivation through project based learning.  The CKA SAVE Project, founded by Dr. Keith Adams, is a non-profit organization designed to assist students and the people who work with them through educational and professional development.