Sport For Social Development

The ISSJ Sport For Social Development camp was created to serve the middle school students that will be attending Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) in Orlando, Florida. The mission of the camp is to offer youth from under-resourced backgrounds an opportunity to learn valuable life skills and gain career awareness.

This three-day camp will feature workshops on important life skills, including conflict resolution, critical decision-making, and cyber bullying. Local professionals from law enforcement, engineering, medical, professional sports, and more will also lead a Career Awareness discussions for campers, offering tips from their career paths.

Campers will receive sports instructions in track & field, basketball, soccer, baseball/softball, football, and volleyball.  All necessary equipment will be provided.

Sport For Social Development goals:

  • Empower campers with life skills to solve every-day issues
  • Create awareness and inspire campers to pursue non-traditional career paths
  • Provide campers with sports skills instruction

Dates:  Coming this summer 2019

The ISSJ has teamed up with OCPS Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida to host this summer youth camp.  More than 70 participants from ACE are expected to attend.