Create worldwide social justice through the power of sport.


Use the power of sport to effect positive social change. We educate and empower individuals and organizations by inspiring values-based thinking leading to actions that promote social responsibility and equality.

Core Values

Power of Sport

The global impact that sport has on society reminds us that teamwork and unity transcend the fields of competition, and has the irrefutable power to positively change people’s lives

We apply the lessons of “the huddle” to illustrate how divergent interests and beliefs can unite under a shared vision and common goal.  We believe sport has an immense impact on societies across the globe. Sport has been known to galvanize communities large and small. By harnessing this power and public influence, the ISSJ continues to promote social change domestically and around the world. Changing lives through the power of sport.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe diversity and inclusion serve as catalysts to promote fairness, equity, and justice.

At the ISSJ, we harness the power of diversity and inclusion to capitalize on individual and collective strengths and help teams, staffs, and organizations reach their full potential. Respect and appreciation of difference are the founding principles of diversity and inclusion.  As advocates of fairness and equality, the ISSJ hopes to build a global awareness and cultural competence through the power of sport. We strive to be on the cutting edge, proactively working to understand who is being excluded.


Education has the power to transform lives and empowers people to make a difference.

The ISSJ embraces the principle that everyone has a right to be educated, and has a duty to use what is learned to improve society.Since its inception, ISSJ member institutions have offered opportunities for athletes to complete their degrees even after eligibility has expired. In addition to our advocacy for traditional education, the ISSJ educates and empowers people by raising awareness of social justice issues and by offering strategies and solutions for overcoming them.

Social Justice

The ISSJ is committed to peace and justice by raising awareness and developing strategies for dealing with social justice issues worldwide.

The ISSJ aims to provide the education, tools and strategies for dealing with these issues and empowers individuals to take action for those without a voice. We challenge sports leaders and athletes to embrace leadership roles by supporting everyone’s basic human rights, and confronting all forms of discrimination, hate, and violence, while advocating for those who are underrepresented.

Ethical and Moral Leadership

The ISSJ’s unshakeable vision for sport driven social change demands that we challenge ourselves, and others, to aspire to the highest standards of ethical and moral behavior.

Ethical and moral actions are the foundation that enables individuals, organizations, and leaders to gain leadership credibility. The beliefs and actions of leaders have significant impact on their respective organizations and, as such, effective ethical and moral leadership blends humility with determined professional will.  The ISSJ’s ambitious goals for sport driven social change can only be accomplished through tireless commitment to ethical and moral behavior.  Thus, we dedicate ourselves to advocate for ethical and moral leadership through the power of sport.