Spring Training 2023
MLB Spring Training with five teams and the Institute
MLB Spring Training 2023

For the past 18 seasons, MLB has invited us to be apart of spring training. Institute CEO, Dr. Jeffrey O'Brien talks about the values of the MLB teams that engage with us closely reflect the Institute's values and how these teams want to transform into more socially responsible teams.

National STUDENT-Athlete Day
Annually celebrated on April 6

Celebrate your outstanding student-athletes' academic achievements and community service activities. Order official NSAD wristbands at no cost and get great ideas on how to celebrate their outstanding achievements.

Richard Lapchick's - Lack of diversity in college sports
Institute Founder & President, Dr. Richard Lapchick, shares results of the 2022 NCAA Racial & Gender Report Card

"America's colleges and universities continue to show an enormous underrepresentation of women and people of color in campus leadership positions."

NCAA Leadership Forum
Preparing for the NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Forum in April

We trained 20 facilitators to deliver programming to 350 learners, mostly student-athletes and a few coaches and administrators. See you in Baltimore!

Huddle Up - University of Texas
Huddle Up - University of Texas at Austin

Spent three days at UT training 450+ student-athletes, staff, and coaches on building healthy relationships. Read Dr. Shauna T. Sobers' comments about her experience.

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We Believe. . .

In the transcendent power of sport to change the world.  We unleash that power by educating, empowering, and inspiring individuals, organizations, and the global community to live their values in standing up for equity, inclusion, and social justice.


In sport, the huddle is a powerful symbol of togetherness, a place where teammates convene to reinforce their union, challenge & support one another, and communicate strategy. In the huddle, teammates forget past set-backs, galvanize conviction, and always have a unified front against the opponent.

Huddle Up hosts all Institute programs: Huddle Up for Gender Violence Prevention, Huddle Up for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging, Huddle Up for Leadership Development, and Huddle Up for Social Justice. JOIN OUR HUDDLE!

Huddle Up trainings are driven by active learning strategies that maximize interactive dialogue and enhance participant learning. Virtual or in-person trainings are available.

As former athletes, Huddle Up training facilitators have an insiders’ understanding of sport culture combined with over 50 years of lessons learned on the most impactful strategies to address gender violence, diversity and inclusion, and transformational leadership.

Huddle Up is a leadership-infused model of primary prevention.

Huddle Up training facilitators introduce and develop the bystander approach to prevention and have thousands of hours of “on-the-ground” experience of implementing this strategy in high schools, colleges, and professional sports.

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