Power of Sport Honorees

Past Power of Sport Honorees


  • Jemele Hill, Excellence in Sport Journalism 

  • Black Women in Sports Foundation Founders, Tina Sloan Green, Dr. Alpha Alexander, Dr. Nikki Franke, and Linda Greene, Esq, Power of Sport
  • Olivia Pichardo, Power of Sport
  • Eli A. Wolff, Power of Sport 


  • Natalie Chou, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Justin Hardy (posthumous), Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Thaddeus Bullard, Civic Leader
  • Jothy Rosenberg, A Hero Among Us
  • Tasha Butts, Coach
  • Allyson Felix, Barrier Breakers


  • Jamarion Styles, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Alyssa Wruble, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Cameron Galloway, Civic Leader
  • Chaunte Lowe, A Hero Among Us
  • Keanon Lowe, Coach
  • 1955 Pensacola Jaycees & Orlando Kiwanis Little League Teams, Barrier Breakers


  • Rebel Hayes  & Paul Scott, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Gia Hodges, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Renee Hess, Civic Leader
  • Carmelo Anthony, A Hero Among Us
  • Stephanie Marquardt & James Bailey, Coach
  • Chris Nikic, Barrier Breakers
  • WNBA, President’s Award for Social Advocacy


  • Madeline Banic, Female Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Kyle Richard, Male Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Chris Norton, A Hero Among Us
  • Katelyn Ohashi, Civic Leader
  • Chelsea Werner, Barrier Breaker
  • Robert Mendez, Coach


  • Megan Cunningham, Female Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Stoneman Douglas High School Boys Hockey Team, Male Courageous Student-Athletes
  • Norma Bastidas, A Hero Among Us
  • Rachael Denhollander, A Hero Among Us
  • Jordyn Wieber, A Hero Among Us
  • Nathan Braaten, Civic Leader
  • Taylor Ricci, Civic Leader
  • Jen Welter, Barrier Breaker


  • Alexis “Lexe” Richards, Female Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Jonathan Tybur, Male Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Greg Moore, Coach
  • Beckham Zobrist, A Hero Among Us
  • Bonner Paddock, Civic Leader
  • The Black 14 (University of Wyoming), Barrier Breakers
  • Cassondra and Aaron Singleton (posthumous), President’s Award


  • Bailey Wind, Female Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Devon Berry, Male Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Acey Shaw, Coach
  • Christopher Singleton, A Hero Among Us
  • Officer Bobby White, Civic Leader
  • T. Urruela, Barrier Breakers


  • Lauren Hill (posthumous), Female Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Austin Hatch, Male Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Any Body Can Youth Foundation, Community Organization
  • Shawn Harrington, Coach
  • Willie Burton, A Hero Among Us
  • Carmen Tarleton, Civic Leader
  • 1955 Cannon Street YMCA Little League All-Stars, Barrier Breakers


  • Memuna Mansaray McShane, Female Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Fabyon Harris, Male Courageous Student-Athlete
  • DiKembe Mutombo Foundation, Community Organization
  • Jason Beverlin, Coach
  • Jack Burleson, A Hero Among Us
  • Landon Moore, Civic Leader


  • Latipha Cross, Courageous Student-Athlete, Eastern Michigan University
  • Anthony Starego, Courageous Student-Athlete, Brick High School (NJ)
  • Cross Country For Youth, Reggie McAfee (Founder & Executive Director), Community Organization
  • John Kitna, Coach, Lincoln High School
  • Kathrine Switzer, Barrier Breaker, Runner/Activist
  • Leeronnie Ogletree, A Hero Among Us
  • Christina-Taylor Green, President’s Award (posthumous)
  • Adonal Foyle, Founder & President, Kerosene Lamp Foundation, Civic Leader


  • Drey Mingo, Courageous Student-Athlete, Purdue University
  • Paula Heron, Civic Leader
  • Tom Walter, Coach, Wake Forest University
  • Willie O’Ree, Barrier Breaker, National Hockey League
  • Conner and Cayden Long, Heroes Among Us


  • Angelica Mealing, Courageous Student-Athlete, University of Central Florida
  • Nate Winters, Courageous Student-Athlete, Winter Park High School
  • Jeremy Bloom, Wish of Lifetime, Civic Leader
  • Chris Creighton, Coach, Drake University
  • LeRoy Walker, Barrier Breaker


  • Captain Edwin Nicholson, Project Healing Waters, Civic Leader
  • Glenn Johnson, Dunbar Vocational Career Academy, Coach
  • Charlie Wilks, Emporia High School, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Breanna McMahon, Freedon High School, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • The 1946 & 1947 Penn State University Football Teams, Heroes Among Us


  • Jake Madonia, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Mallory Holtman, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Liz Wallace, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Ron Hunter, Coach
  • Adam Bender, Barrier Breaker
  • Sonny Hill, Civic Leader
  • Kay Yow, A Hero Among Us (posthumous)


  • Martel Van Zant, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Katie Holloway, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Joe Ehrmann, Coach
  • The Travis Roy Foundation, Community Organization
  • Shamila Kohestani, Barrier Breaker
  • Jon “The Blazeman” Blais, A Hero Among Us


  • Brittany and AJ Detwiler, Courageous Student-Athletes
  • Maurice Torres, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Julie Foudy, Civic Leader
  • Jody Conradt, Coach
  • Jason Ray (posthumously), A Hero Among Us
  • Vivian Stringer, Eddie Robinson Leadership Award
  • Johnnie Williams, Barrier Breaker
  • The Miracle League, Community Organization


  • Kyle Maynard, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Pamela Malcolm, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Myles Brand, Civic Leader
  • Floyd Keith, Coach
  • Chicago White Sox, Barrier Breaker
  • Dick Hoyt, Parent


  • Destiny Woodbury, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Sevin “Sevy” Sucurovic, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Macharia Yuot, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Mohammad Rafiq, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • David Stern, Civic Leader


  • Samantha Eyman, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Justin Allen, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Dionte Hall, Civic Leader
  • Priest Holmes, Civic Leader
  • Beverly Kearney, Coach


  • Stacey Sines, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Jake Porter, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Bob Love, Civic Leader
  • Dave Frantz and Derek Dewitt, Coaches


  • Maggie Maloy, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Sam Paneno, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Dorothy “Dot” Richardson, Civic Leader
  • Willie Davis, Coach
  • Perry Reese, Jr. (posthumously), Coach


  • Amber Burgess, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Dirceu Hurtado, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Derrick Brooks, Civic Leader
  • Herman Boone and William Yoast, Coaches


  • Jennifer McClain, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Derrick Thomas (posthumously), Civic Leader
  • Darryl Williams, Civic Leader
  • Sister Rose Ann Fleming, Athletic Administrator
  • Carolyn Peck, Coach
  • Dave Sanders (posthumously), Coach


  • Pam White, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Gilbert Tuhabonye, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Lewis Katz, Civic Leader
  • Raymond Chambers, Civic Leader
  • Clarence Underwood, Athletic Administrator
  • Pat Summitt, Coach
  • Bert Jenkins, Coach
  • M. Newton, Lifetime Achievement


  • Dwight Collins, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Kathryn Waldo, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Warrick Dunn, Civic Leader
  • Dorothy Gators, Coach


  • Jodi Norton, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Lawrence Wright, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Reggie White, Civic Leader
  • Jack Aker, Coach


  • Jennifer Rizzotti, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Michael Watson, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Paul Tagliabue, Civic Leader
  • Gene Upshaw, Civic Leader
  • David Clark, Coach
  • Loretta Claiborne, Torchbearer
  • Anita DeFrantz, Torchbearer
  • Billy Payne, Torchbearer


  • Tanya Hughes-Jones, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Phillip Castillo, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Civic Leader
  • Donna Lopiano, Civic Leader
  • Geno Auriemma, Coach
  • Marian Washington, Coach


  • Michele Leary, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Felipe Lopez, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Riddick Bowe, Civic Leader
  • Rachel Robinson, Civic Leader
  • Joseph Crowley, Athletic Administrator
  • Tom Osborne, Coach
  • Willie Stewart, Coach
  • Vivian Stringer, Coach


  • Ryneldi Becenti, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Lawrence Burton, Civic Leader
  • Ernestine Bayer, Coach
  • Bob Shannon, Coach
  • National Youth Sports Program (NYSP), Sport and Social Issues
  • Creed Black, Leadership in Athletic Reform


  • Annie Boucher, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Eddie Lee Ivery, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Alan Page, Civic Leader
  • Judith Sweet, Athletic Administrator
  • Joe Paterno, Coach
  • Alfreda Harris, Coach
  • Bob Hurley, Sr., Parent
  • David Lazerson & Richard Green, Sport and Social Issues


  • Shane Wood, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Senator Bill Bradley, Civic Leader
  • Mike Illitch, Civic Leader
  • Jerry Richardson, Coach
  • Nate “Tiny” Archibald, Community Service
  • National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics (N4A), Academic Incentive


  • Dave Bing, Civic Leader
  • Dick Schultz, Athletic Administrator
  • James Ellis, Coach
  • National Basketball Association, Academic Incentive


  • Mark Brodie, Courageous Student-Athlete
  • Ewing Kaufman, Civic Leader
  • Mike Sheppard, Coach
  • Orange County Public Schools (Florida), School System
  • Schaar Mustaf, Parent


  • Ross Perot, Civic Leader
  • Rob Hamilton, Coach
  • Killian High School, School
  • Lonise Bias, Parent

Jordyn Wieber, A Hero Among Us

Speaking out has not been easy, but it has empowered me to fight for change, so this never happens to another gymnast or child again.