Josh Meyer Saint Michael’s College Men’s Basketball “We are all the leaves of one tree. We are all the waves of one sea.” Thich Nhat Hanh I glanced up from the huddle and there was an ocean of pain in the eyes of my partner. It was a look that I was familiar with, but…
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The World Loses a Great Journalist who Was a Social Justice Warrior – Frand Deford

Like anyone who kn ew him, read him, watched him or listened to him, I feel a great sense of loss with the passing of Frank Deford. He was one of the media’s biggest social consciences and always spoke the truth about what was right and wrong about sport in America and around the world.…
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“No matter what, get up, don’t stay down”

I have been blessed in my lifetime to meet some inspiring and heroic people. In 1981, I met one of those people in my life. As a new member of the New England Patriots, on my first day I walked into my new locker room and right away saw a nametag over a locker that…
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NCAS Live!

NCAS Live! is an web-based  interactive  series for student-athletes, coaches, administrators and sports fans that addresses the contemporary issues of sport and society. Stayed tuned for the announcement of our upcoming schedule. Watch NCAS Live!         Join us!

NCAS Diversity Training with ESPN

  NCAS TEAMWORK Leadership Institute trainers facilitated a diversity program for ESPN employees in Bristol.  The staff and members of the NCAS look forward to nurturing this partnership!

PlayMaker of the Month awards

Coaches and administrators, submit your nominations now for the NCAS PlayMaker of the Month award. One male and one female student-athlete from a member institution will be selected each month. The nomination pool will be continuous. Winners will be selected based on academic and athletic achievement and community service. Winners will be featured on the NCAS website…
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Former Giant Steps winner is still winning!

Former NCAS Giant Steps Award winner Katie Holloway, and the US women’s sitting volleyball team, took Silver at the 2012 Paralympic Games.  Read the article here!

What have you been up to?

The NCAS is collecting degree completion and community outreach data for the 2011-2012 academic year. If you represent one of our member institutions, please participate so that we can feature your athletic department in our Annual Report being published this fall.  Click here to get started!

Former award winner still impacting lives through sport

Bree McMahon, 2010 NCAS Giant Steps Award winner is back in the game,  inspiring those around her. “Bree is the type of kid that lives full throttle… She’s a walking, talking testament to determination.” Read the article here!

The NCAS and its COO, Keith Lee, are in the news!

The New York Times featured an article about career support for professional athletes. The National Basketball Retired Players Association, in partnership with the NCAS, offers help through the transition for former NBA players. Check it out!