Dr. Shannon Spriggs Murdoch

Dr. Shannon Spriggs Murdoch

Vice President, Training & Education

For eighteen years, Dr. Shannon Spriggs Murdoch has been a global messenger committed to social justice.  As a leading social justice educator, Dr. Murdoch has impacted thousands of people worldwide by delivering transformational education regarding the issues they face in their everyday lives, from the far-reaching impact of gender-based violence to the persistent issues of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Dr. Spriggs Murdoch is the Vice President for Training and Education for the Institute for Sport and Social Justice, with an emphasis on the growth and development of its Huddle Up programming.  Huddle Up leverages the transcendent power of sport to address social justice issues. 

Upon returning to the US from Australia in 2017, she served as the Prevention Director for the Texas Council on Family Violence until 2019.  Dr. Spriggs Murdoch provided strategic vision that elevated the Council’s prevention work in Texas, while also fortifying training and technical assistance to prevention education providers in the state.

In Australia, Dr. Spriggs Murdoch worked for Griffith University in Brisbane to introduce and build a national profile for Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP).  After the successful implementation of MVP, she developed and delivered a country-tailored prevention model, called MATE, throughout Australia.  Her groundbreaking work in Australia resulted in the Premiere of Queensland appointing her to the prestigious Domestic and Family Violence Implementation Council.

From 2006 – 2010, Dr. Spriggs Murdoch served as the Assistant Director of the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) National Partnership, the first and largest gender violence prevention initiative in college and professional athletics in North America, and the first to utilize the “bystander” approach.  She was the operations leader of MVP as well as a core trainer. 

Dr. Spriggs Murdoch has delivered and assisted with the development of the Huddle Up, MATE and MVP curriculum across the US, Australia, Bahrain UAE, Basra, Balad and Baghdad Iraq, Sweden and Scotland.  She has facilitated over 1000 training sessions and has significant experience developing trainers in multiple curricula and has facilitated dozens of Train the Trainer programs, including work with the US and Australian Military.

Dr. Spriggs Murdoch earned a BA in Communication and MA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas at Arlington.  She earned a PhD in Higher Education Administration from Boston College.    While at UT – Arlington, Dr. Spriggs Murdoch was a scholarship student-athlete for the Women’s Basketball team.

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