Today's guest is Amy Huchthausen.  Huchthausen is in her seventh year as Commissioner of the America East Conference.Huchthausen shares with us the experience of being an pioneer for Asian-American woman in collegiate athletic administration. Rarely is she in the room with other Asian-American women athletic administrators or coaches. Many times in her career, she has been overlooked and it is not uncommon for her to correct stereotypes and remind people that she is “The Commissioner.”

Huchthausen discusses the pathways that women of color are commonly and consistently led to pursue are pathways of compliance, academic services, and life skills. This cycle creates barriers for women to advance in senior level management positions because they lack revenue-generating experience.

Produced by the Institute For Sport & Social Justice (ISSJ).

Hosted by Mat Edelson, journalist and producer appearing on NPR, ABC, ESPN, and in Houghton-Mifflin’s annual series, “The Best American Sports Writing.”

“See Us Now – Invisible Women In Sport”

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