#NBA Together Initiative

#NBA Together Initiative

Once again I am proud that sport is using its power for the greater good.

The NBA and Adam Silver have taken a leadership role in sport and globally during the Coronavirus pandemic.  When it announced it would stop playing, that sent a signal to the rest of the world of sport – and to the nation and world at large.  In a nation that had not yet taken the Pandemic as seriously as it needed to, the NBA took action.  Other sports soon followed.

That was followed by players and teams committing to paying arena/stadium workers for their lost wages.  Other sports soon followed, especially Major League Baseball which committed $1 million per team to pay MLB stadium workers.  Corporate America needs to do the same.

Now the NBA continues to take the lead in announcing its #NBATogether initiative in which the league will use its vast digital footprint and the voices of teams, players, coaches and doctors  to launch a global community and social engagement campaign that aims to support, engage, educate and inspire youth, families and fans in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The NBA has rolled into action to help with its global impact. So far, 18 NBA and WNBA players created public service videos to share important health and wellness information about ways to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus with 37 million views so far.

The NBA program has four pillars: Know the Facts, Acts of Caring, Expand Your Community and NBA Together Live – to amplify the latest global health and safety information, share guidelines and resources, and keep people and communities socially connected through digital tools and virtual events.

As part of #NBATogether, the NBA family is committed to contributing and helping raise more than $50 million to support people impacted by the coronavirus  and  community  and  healthcare organizations. More than $30 million of the commitment has already been made by NBA and WNBA teams and players.

I am proud of the response of sports in general and the NBA in particular to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  We all need to help in our own ways.  Start by being safe and strong and loving one another.

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