The Fight Against Human Trafficking Includes Trans People

The Fight Against Human Trafficking Includes Trans People

Dr. Richard Lapchick

January brought hope into this new year, as we welcomed a new president into office. Despite the need for a peaceful transition of power, the domestic terrorism that occurred at the Capitol building showed the complete opposite. However, the goal to dismantle the progress forward in our country did not succeed. In Joe Biden’s first weeks in office he lifted bans against trans people in the military and created the ability for them to identify as their respective gender within sports.

We continue the fight against human trafficking. Trans people are too often the target of traffickers.  And that makes them more likely to be arrested and potentially abused by police. They are often treated as criminals instead of being offered community services.

As the second largest illegal activity in the world, the fight against human trafficking deserves more attention. At the end of this post, you will see the 27 places in the US where it was reported just in January 2021. 

There were 149 individuals arrested, suspected, or charged with human trafficking activities in the United States in January as well as 49 victims removed from entrapped trafficking, including 40 who were minors. There was one new law passed and 63 community initiatives that took place. 

Internationally in January, there were 9 individuals arrested, suspected, or charged with human trafficking activity. There were two new laws and three new community initiatives. What can you do? Learn more about the issue by reading. Volunteer for a local anti-human trafficking organization. Donate resources if you can. Most importantly, if you know someone who is a victim or see a suspicious incident that may involve someone being trafficked, call the 

National Human Trafficking Hotline


Below, I have listed the 27 US cities where human trafficking was reported in January 2021:

Annapolis, Maryland

Bakersfield, California 

Bluffton, Ohio 

Bruceville-Eddy, Texas

Canadian County, Oklahoma

Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Dayton, Ohio 

Frankfort, Kentucky 

Grayson, Kentucky

Greenville, North Carolina

Hillsborough County, Florida

Houston, Texas 

Jackson, Mississippi

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Limestone County, Alabama

Los Angeles, California 

Louisville, Kentucky 

Memphis, Tennessee

Miami, Florida

Milton, Florida 

Nashville, Tennessee

Richmond, Virginia

Santa Rosa County, Florida 

Seattle, Washington

Tracy, California

Weber County, Utah

Wichita, Kansas

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