It was exciting to see the UCF Knights beat Memphis for the second time this season to take home the AAC Championship two years in a row. However, looking ahead to the 40 upcoming FBS Bowl Games to be played around the country over the next month, remember that in addition to the many fans showing up to support their team, major sporting events draw in human traffickers and their victims. For those of you who plan on attending a large sporting event this holiday season, please be vigilant of victims of human trafficking wherever you go.

Recently, news outlets across the country have been informing viewers of signs to identify victims of human trafficking, reminding them to be vigilant while doing their holiday shopping, as malls and shopping centers are hubs for human trafficking.

The holiday season is a time to be with family and friends, giving thanks for that all we have, but let us not forget that there are millions of people across the globe, and even in our own backyards, who as victims of human trafficking have been stripped of wonderful times such as these.

In November, domestically, there were 177 individuals arrested, suspected, or charged with human trafficking activities, 16 adult victims and three children under the age of 18 rescued. There were five new laws passed and there were 33 community initiatives. Internationally, there were 95 individuals arrested, suspected, or charged with human trafficking activity, as well as 299 adults and 93 minors rescued. There were 15 community initiatives but unfortunately no new laws were passed.

I continue to challenge my Facebook friends to have an honest and open discussion about human trafficking in America. To learn more, like the Shut-Out Trafficking Facebook page and follow End Trafficking on Twitter.

Below I have listed the 37 cities where Human Trafficking was reported in November:

Akron, Ohio

Auburn, Alabama

Bartow County, Georgia

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Burlington, Kentucky

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio

Concord, California

Dracut, Massachusetts

Edgewater, New Jersey

Ellington, Connecticut

Erlanger, Kentucky

Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Worth, Texas

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Lansing, Michigan

Laurel, Delaware

Lawrence, New Jersey

Lawrence, Pennsylvania

Manchester, Connecticut

Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

Miami Gardens, Florida

Minot, North Dakota

Montgomery County, Texas

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

New York City, New York

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Pasco, Washington

Port Huron, Michigan

San Bernardino, California

San Diego, California

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

St. Cloud, Minnesota

Tallahassee, Florida

Tolland, Connecticut

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Youngstown, Ohio

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