With each new year, we create goals and resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more or spend less money. However, it isn’t common for people to set goals of fighting human trafficking, homelessness or any of the other disparities we see in society today.  We need to do that.

December rounded out a year in which 2,500 individuals were arrested, suspected or charged with human trafficking activities in the United States. In Winter Haven, Florida, 103 individuals were arrested on charges including prostitution and human trafficking during a five-day undercover sting between November 27th and December 2nd.   More than 560 people over 18 years of age were rescued from being trafficked and nearly 970 children under year 18 were rescued.  There were 129 new laws passed to fight human trafficking and 621 community-based initiatives to fight trafficking.

In December in the United States, there were 200 individuals arrested, suspected, or charged with human trafficking activities, as well as 40 victims rescued, including five children under the age of 18. There were three new laws passed and 43 community initiatives.

Internationally in December, there were 170 individuals arrested, suspected, or charged with human trafficking activity, as well as 152 victims rescued, including nine children under the age of 18. There were two new laws passed and 13 community initiatives.

In 2018 as a whole, the combined totals there were 4,078 individuals arrested, suspected, or charged with human trafficking activity, as well as 4,675 victims rescued, including 3,763 children under the age of 18. There were 153 new laws passed and 808 community initiatives.

January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month and I challenge my Facebook friends to join the fight against human trafficking and to have honest and open discussions about human trafficking in America. This year make it a goal to learn the signs of human trafficking or participate in an event benefitting victims of human trafficking. To learn more, like the Shut-Out Trafficking Facebook page and follow End Trafficking on Twitter.

Below, I have listed the 39 cities where human trafficking was reported in December:

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Appleton, Wisconsin

Austin, Texas

Bakersfield, California

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Boston, Massachusetts

Clarksville, Tennessee

Columbus, Ohio

Davidson, North Carolina

Eureka, California

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Fontana, California

Henderson, Texas

Lake Worth, Florida

Lakeport, California

Lancaster, California

Los Angeles, California

Macomb, Michigan

Medford, Massachusetts

Miami, Florida

Minot, North Dakota

Montgomery County, Texas

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

New Orleans. Louisiana

Northampton, Pennsylvania

Palo Alto, California

Portland, Maine

Richmond, California

Ronkonkoma, New York

San Jose, California

Spartanburg, South Carolina

St. George, Utah

St. Paul, Minnesota

Washington D.C.

Wellford, South Carolina

Wilson, North Carolina

Winter Haven, Florida

Woburn, Massachusetts

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