August means the beginning of a new school year and the quickly approaching start to a new season of college football.  Though football season is an exciting time in sports and has the capability of bringing communities together, we cannot forget that major sporting events are massive targets for Human Traffickers.  I urge all fans and attendees to be aware and proactive if any signs of Human Trafficking activity are evident at the games throughout the season.

This month, domestically, there were a staggering 197 individuals arrested, suspected, or charged with human trafficking activities, as well as 11 victims rescued, including six children under the age of 18. There were five new laws passed and 25 community initiatives.

Internationally, there were 55 individuals arrested, suspected, or charged with human trafficking activity, as well as 22 victims rescued. There was one new law passed and 10 community initiatives.  With such low numbers, I can only hope to see improvement in them as we must realize the severity of this worldwide problem.

Over the past few months I have been vigorously planning alongside NCAS and UNICEF USA for this semester’s Shut Out Trafficking events.  I am excited to be traveling to and speaking at the University of Nevada, Reno for their event that they will host on October 7th-10th.   It will be an engaging event, and one that I hope many students learn from and start to take action as a result.  You can learn more and follow along this semester by liking the Shut-Out Trafficking Facebook page and following End Trafficking on twitter.

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