Tom Kowalski was an incredible man.  One of the greatest.  He’d been a part of the NCAS family for over twenty-five years and truly believed in everything we stand for as an organization.

Tom gave so much to us as a colleague, a mentor and friend. He put others before himself. He was a courageous man who shared his optimism with all that he met.  This quiet unassuming man was the first to volunteer when anyone needed help. 

Even though he fought a battle with his disease for many years, he never complained and was never seen without a smile.

Each of us has had the honor of spending a lot of time with Tom over the years. We shared laughter, tears, accomplishments and failures.

His pride and joy resided in his family, their accomplishments.  We shared in that pride and joy. We want to thank his wife, Diane and his family for sharing this wonderful man with us. We love you Tom. We will think of you everyday and never forget the impact you had on all our lives.

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