As we enter into the spring, recent media coverage has sparked a conversation about human-trafficking in the United States in the wake of the immigration policy of the Trump Administration. Undocumented victims of human trafficking are reportedly afraid to come forward for fear of being deported.  The same is being reported about victims of sexual abuse.  This is making both groups even more likely to be victimized. The safety and well-being of victims has been further jeopardized by the new immigration  policy. These victims need to be protected and not fear prosecution. We must remain steadfast in our fight to end this modern-day slavery.

This month, domestically, there were 65 individuals arrested, suspected, or charged with human trafficking activities, as well as 10 victims rescued. There were 15 new laws passed and 65 community initiatives. Internationally, there were 100 individuals arrested, suspected, or charged with human trafficking activity, as well as 70 victims rescued, including 69 children under the age of 18. There were three new laws passed and 17 community initiatives.  

There were more bills passed this month than usual, hoping to positively impact all human-trafficking victims. I am proud that government officials and local organizations continually work hard to protect human-trafficking, combat human-trafficking and  raise awareness. Their work inspires us to continue our dedication to Shut Out Trafficking; the joint effort of the NCAS and the US Fund for UNICEF, which educates college students and student-athletes on the reality of human trafficking. To learn more, like the Shut-Out Trafficking Facebook page and follow End Trafficking on twitter.

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