As we look for heroes in and out of sport, Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala has started to recognize other young heroes through The Malala Yousafzai Fund.  One was in West Bengal where17-year-old Anoyara Khatun was once a victim of trafficking.   Now she is a global hero who has stopped about 50 child marriages and 85 trafficking attempts of men to lure away girls from rural areas in West Bengal’s. She has reportedly helped almost 200 dropouts back to school.

Khatun is one of the “Girl Heroes” from across the world that the Malala Yousafzai Fund celebrated for 30 days—from October 11 to November 9—as beacons of “exemplary courage and leadership.”  All the heores show it does not matter if you come from a rich or poor family, live in urban or rural areas, are young or old.  All that matters is that incredible resiliency and courage inside each of us can be summoned up so that you can stand up for justice and not block its path.

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