Our Programs

Our cutting edge programs are highly interactive; engaging athletic executives, administrators, staff, coaches, and student-athletes in unusually effective ways. Through the use of sports analogies, real life athletic case studies and scenarios, role plays, videos, and other activities, Institute SSJ members become leaders in diversity and inclusion, gender violence prevention, and critical decision making skills.

TEAMwork Leadership Institute

The TEAMwork Leadership Institute (TLI) provides diversity and inclusion training services to athletic administrators, professional managers, coaches, and support staff. The goal of training is to promote the principles of teamwork in all areas of the operation of the organization utilizing the training services.

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Huddle Up

The NCAS has been a leader of the sport for social justice movement for 30 years, and one of the core issues we have worked to eliminate is gender violence. Our work in co-developing the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) model placed us in the vanguard of our field by creating innovations around: engaging men; the bystander approach; men and women working together; discussion-based strategies; and many more. Specifically, our experience in sports culture has been pioneering.

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Branded a Leader

You send all the right messages and reinforce the need for your student-athletes to make good decisions. And still, some of them continue to make destructive decisions – to themselves, their team and the institution. This becomes a personal and public nightmare, impacting the brand of your team, institution, and community. What do you do about it?

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Athletic Leadership in the 21st Century

Athletic Leadership in the 21st Century (AL 21) offers a series of leadership styles and topics for participants to learn in an applied focus. These workshops are not theoretical explorations as much as they use leadership theory to help participants inform their coaching and leading, and help clarify the meaning of leadership and its many styles.

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Degree Completion Program

Institutional members of the Institute SSJ are committed to being active in the Degree Completion and Community Service Programs (DCP) for former student-athletes. Since 1988, more than 33,900 student-athletes have returned to NCAS member schools to complete their degrees after their athletic eligibility expired. 461 Olympians and 9,844 professional athletes are among these numbers. Over 15,000 have graduated since 2011.

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National Student Athlete Day

National STUDENT-Athlete Day was created in 1987. It was designed to honor the outstanding achievements of high school and college student-athletes who have achieved excellence in academics and athletics, while having made significant contributions to their schools and communities. Since its inception, National STUDENT-Athlete Day has seen more than 3.8 million outstanding student-athletes honored.

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